My Expertise

Rolling out data solutions that are both scalable and high performing,
Improving user experience and accessibility to data,
Continuously making architectural decisions for data products,
Ensuring data security, privacy, integration and interoperability,
Maximizing infrastructure efficiency and cost-effectiveness,
Promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing,
Fostering innovation and technological progress through pilot initiatives,
Backing up business continuity and disaster recovery.


Full Blown SAP BW, BW/4Hana, Native Hana Implentation projects


Cloud data Architecture (Azure, GCP, AWS)


client sites

Strategic planning for Data Estates 85%

Rolling out data solutions 90%

Improving user experience and accessibility to data 70%

Monetizing Value from Data 95%

Use cases for Data Science (AI/ML), Generative AI 75%

  • July 2021 to present

    TCS (India)

    New Delhi, India

  • Oct 2005 to July 2021

    IBM (India)

    Lead Data Architect
    Gurugram, Harayana, India

  • September 2004 to 2005

    Satyam Computer Services

    SAP BW Consultant
    Pune, Maharashtra, India

  • Between 1999 to 2004

    Various Different IT and Domain Org.

    India Software Group,
    Hindustan Times,
    Mitro Inc. (NZ),
    Eskay Infotech
    Escorts Yamaha (India),

    USA, UK, UAE, Germany, Sweden, France, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, Singappore, Malaysia

  • 1986 to August 1999

    (B.E.) Mechanical Engineering

    Mysore University
    Mysore, Karnatka, India

My Role in the Major Consulting organisations worked

lead strategic data initiatives, architecting innovative solutions to drive business success while providing thought leadership in data management and analytics


As a Director at TCS, my primary focus revolves around spearheading cloud data transformation and digital initiatives aimed at enhancing client experiences. My responsibilities entail orchestrating the development of robust data estates, strategically designed to facilitate data monetization opportunities. This involves leading multidisciplinary teams in conceptualizing and implementing cutting-edge solutions that leverage cloud technologies to optimize data management processes, drive innovation, and deliver tangible business value to our clients.


As a Senior Data Architect working across multiple client sites, my role was multifaceted and pivotal in driving data-driven initiatives. I collaborated closely with diverse stakeholders to understand their unique business needs and challenges, devising tailored data architecture solutions to address them effectively. My responsibilities spanned from designing and implementing scalable data infrastructure to ensuring data quality, security, and compliance across various projects. Additionally, I provided strategic guidance on emerging technologies and best practices, empowering clients to harness the full potential of their data assets and achieve their organizational goals.

Satyam Computer Services

As a Senior Data Consultant dedicated to implementing SAP BW Soltuion at a leading consumer goods industry customer site in Port Sunlight, UK, my role was to serve as Sr BW Consultant and advisor for data-related endeavors. I work closely with the client's team to thoroughly understand their business objectives, data landscape, and technical requirements. Leveraging my expertise in data architecture, integration, and analytics, I design and execute customized solutions that aligned with the client's strategic goals. From data ingestion and transformation to visualization and analysis, I oversaw the end-to-end implementation process, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance of the data ecosystem. Additionally, I provided ongoing support and guidance to maximize the value derived from the implemented solutions, driving continuous improvement and innovation..