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Full Life cycle implementation using ASAP methodology. Modeling, Business Content, LO Data Extraction (SAP R/3, Flat Files), Data Loading, Scheduling, Monitoring and Reporting using BEx Analyzer.

Modeling: Process chains, Info Cubes, MultiProviders, ODS Objects, InfoSets, , InfoObjects, InfoSources, Data Sources, Update Rules, Transfer Rules, Communication Structure, Transfer Structure, InfoPackages..

Extraction: LO and Flat file data Extraction for Master and Transactional data. Generic Extraction, Activating Data sources, deleting setup tables, filling up of Cluster tables, Setting up of V3 update Customizing and Enhancement of Extract structure / Enhancements for Datasources

Reporting: BEx-Analyzer, Condition reporting, Exception highlighting, Restricted key figures, Calculated key figures, Variables, Filter, Free Characteristics, Variants, Structures and RRI (Report to Report Interface).

Performance Tuning: Aggregates, Indexes, Compression, Partitioning and Statistics.

Production Support and Monitoring activities: Design/ Development/ Support of scheduled loading / Application Support/ Development / Providing strategic planning for data management, Data loading / Monitoring / Storage & Performance using Process chains, Data Uploading from R/3 & non R/3 systems (Oracle / Flat Files), Support, optimization and revamping of Scheduling and Monitoring system, Problems resolving related to data loading, query performance - Ticket Resolution, Creation / Modification of Process Chains on user demand, Optimization of major cubes with aggregates & compression, Analyzing areas for automating data extraction and building intelligence to effectively handle scheduling, Constantly Review project to analyze and optimize data in the production system.



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