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          LEGAL DISCLAIMER         



Using some of the devices or methods described in this site on a running vehicle may be illegal in your country. Check with your local authorities, Emissions Control Department, Transport authorities, Govt organizations, or whatever they call themselves. I'm giving this information to you for off-road testing, as well as for experimentation outside the jurisdiction of any country.

“Doing it yourself” may be borderline legal if you install it IN YOUR OWN PERSONAL VEHICLE. I am not a lawyer and I definitely do not know the laws of your country! You are responsible for your own decisions.

Some people may tell you that petitions don't work, approvals do not come, and that politicians are all crooked and care for nothing, and other there-is-no-hope-anywhere. Those are lies. The truth is that, although change is hard, it can happen and will happen. And in order for it to happen, we must all do our part. Whatever you can do – just do it! The wrong thing to do is nothing. Whatever you can do is BETTER THAN NOTHING. Much better than nothing. Your “small” action may tip the scale and create an avalanche. Let's change the rules in our favor. We deserve it.

It would be our Endeavour to get this technology tested and approved by VRDE/IIP or any of the 5 Govt. test labs in India when the device is commercially ready to be launched.




I am focused on these three areas :

  • Reduce oil demand / dependency on Middle east for Oil !!! Reduce the foreign exchange spending on Oil.

  • Contribute towards reduction of Energy and Transportation costs. Savings on Fuel Costs: In the phase I of this project the intention is to save 35% of the fuel cost, maintain lower lever of emissions and yet boost the power of the IC or CI Engines by approx 20-25% more power.

  • Clean up emissions and contribute towards what we want our next generation to inherit from us, a cleaner environment to live in with least amount of pollution and this can be achieved by reduced engine operating temperatures, thus reducing and eventually preventing global warming.

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