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Should you decide to perform experiments or construct your own Hydrogen cell, device, equipment, or tests, what so ever, You Do so solely and wholly on your own responsibility. 

Neither myself, site administrator, the hosting company or anyone associate with this website / blog will in any way be responsible for your actions or resulting consequence, loss or damage of any description what so ever or any kind, which may occur as a result of what you do.

The information provided on this website is not complete and conclusive. Read the subject completely and gather more information on this, before attempting to use any part of this technology explained here. 


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We have spent several years studying this subject and yet we do not claim ourselves as experts.


          *** WARNING ***         


Information provided on this subject / website is not to build any toy. Hydrogen is a very lethal gas.  If inhaled, hydrogen can result in a flammable mixture within the body. Inhaling hydrogen can lead to unconsciousness and asphyxiation.

Electrolysis of water generates explosive gas!!! NEVER try to light a match in front of the Electrolysisís output -  THE DEVICE WILL EXPLODE!


I have read the above and completely understood that I will not hold anyone responsible for my actions as a result of the information that I understand from this website.


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